Moriah R. Moffitt, MD
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
"What Nature Intended"




 One thing that sets us so far apart from many other practices, is the fact that we are primarily "referral" based.  Your referral is the highest compliment you can give us! Anyone can purchase expensive advertising space and tell the world about their skills and their successful practice...we, on the other hand, leave the advertisement to the most qualified people of all - our patients - and of course, the surgery staff members who have witnessed Dr. Moffitt perform her surgeries!

We thank each and every one of our amazing clients who  are willing to share their experiences with other people who are looking for a Plastic Surgeon!

I met Dr. Moffitt when I accompanied my friend to her surgery. (she had gone to 7 other consultations in the Tampa area, and chose Dr. Moffitt!) I was so impressed with every aspect of her work, as well as the way my friend was treated after her surgery, that I booked my consultation and surgery just a couple weeks later! I am so glad I entrusted Dr. Moffitt with my surgery! Thank you!


Dr. Moffitt changed my life! For years and years I had thought about having Breast Reduction surgery, and finally decided to do it. What a wonderful feeling it was to finally shop at Victoria's Secret! It's only been about 10 months since my surgery, and my scars are barely visable!


Dr. Moffitt does incredible work! I got a breast augmentation, and they look VERY natural! I started with almost nothing, and I couldn't be happier with the results! What really made me choose Dr. Moffit is that she has the BEST STAFF IN THE WORLD!! The receptionist is actually a really great friend of mine now! Mo (the nurse) and of course Dr. Moffitt made me feel completely comfortable and Mo treated me as if I were her own daughter! Everyone is completely down to earth, and you feel comfortable talking about any questions you may have. I can't wait to go for my 3 month check-up just to see everyone again! I highly recommend Dr. Moffitt to anyone considering plastic surgery!! 5 Stars!!

Ashley C. (Breast Augmentation)

Dr. Moffitt Staff,

I wanted you to know how comfortable everyone made me feel. Not only was the staff efficient in their jobs, they seem to actaully enjoy being there, which made me less anxious. Dr. Moffitt took the time to explain the surgery with proficiency and patience. The facility was wonderful just as you said.

My thanks to everyone!!

E. Garcia

Today marks the one-year anniversary of my surgery, and I am doing
great! I enjoyed swimming this summer without my built-in "floaters." My whole
attitude about my body has changed. Thanks so much!

-Jane A. (Breast Lift)

Dr. Moffitt and Staff,

I am blessed that my friend referred me to you. You are so professional, understanding, and pretty much fabulous. When I met you, I had this feeling of trust; the feeling you should always have between a patient and a doctor. Your staff is so welcoming in a genuine behavior. Their attentiveness and kindness impressed me. I am so happy with my results, and I am beginning to have a taste of self confidence.

To you and your staff--Thank you for being YOU*

Faith (Breast Augmentation)

Dr. Moffitt did a wonderful job on my Breast Reduction. Thank you so much! Your wonderful work has changed my life for the best!